About Kim

As a young twenty-something Kim was deeply motivated by the belief that anything is possible in America, so she threw her stuff in the back of an old Buick, with about a hundred bucks in her pocket, and drove from her small farming community in Kansas to the place she had always wanted to live–beautiful Colorado. 

Speaking the steps of the Colorado State Capitol against Common Core.

Speaking the steps of the Colorado State Capitol against Common Core.

After arriving in Denver, Kim worked at a bank during the day and studied for her series seven investment brokers license at night and on weekends.  Soon, with determination in hard work, she became one of the youngest Vice Presidents in the history of Boettcher and Company.

As a small business owner and top seller as a woman’s clothier for the last 24 years, Kim sees daily how Colorado wins when each individual wins.  In the clothing business every person’s expertise comes together to create success–the designers, fabricators, zipper and button makers, seamstresses, tailors, delivery people, and the owner of the deli down the street who makes the lunches.  When people are free to transact business without government interference, small businesses thrive. 

Kim’s experience as City Councilwoman for the citizens of Lone Tree District 2, has reaffirmed for her the principles of our Founders.  Government should be as close to the citizen as possible.  It is to be limited, responsible and efficiently use the citizen’s money entrusted to it.  Decisions must be made within the context of The Declaration–all individuals are created equal by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty and pursuit of happiness–and the limits of The Constitution.

Kim’s voting record affirms these principles.  She votes “yes” in the business of serving the citizens of Lone Tree within the proper role of government, and she votes “no” when government is overreaching or not treating everyone equally within the vision of The Declaration.

Kim is a co-host of the Radio Show “Heart of the Matter” from 4pm to 6pm on 560 KLZ .  with fellow Americhicks, Jill Vecchio and Molly Vogt.  The Americhicks unpack current events and Founding Principles within today’s context, including healthcare, without all of the rant and rhetoric of other talk radio programs. 

Kim has participated in many non-profit groups and a variety of organizations. Roll over each tile to see Kim’s role in each.