Letter: Councilmember Monson not the problem

Earlier this week, I read an article in the Lone Tree Voice that gave me pause. It seems our city council is experiencing dissention in their ranks. Most council members offered pointed criticism directed at Kim Monson because she doesn't always agree with them. It appears they are quite intolerant of those who don't share their views.

I'm curious to know what percent of the time Ms. Monson doesn't agree with them. Is it 15 percent of the time or 80 percent of the time? Whatever that percent might be, is a city council meeting considered successful only in the event there is "harmony" and unanimous votes? It seems our mayor and most city councilmembers think so.

Other assertions in the article were that Ms. Monson references the Constitution and stands by her belief in "limited, fiscally responsible government." I'm confused, are those inherently bad principles to embrace on the Lone Tree City Council?

To her credit, Kim Monson took the high road when interviewed. Unfortunately, her counterparts chose not to follow her lead but instead spoke embarrassingly like bickering school children.

Our city is best served by lively political discourse and rigorous fiscal analysis at each city council meeting. When I see a councilwoman lambasted on the front page of our town newspaper for following that path and standing true to her principles, it tells me the problem lies not with her but with those who seek to discredit her because they don't agree with her.

Dave Banzhaf

Lone Tree