Is "Metro Vision" Social Engineering?

Council Member Kim Monson Calls for Removal 

(LONE TREE, CO)–At Tuesday's Lone Tree City Council meeting, council member Kim Monson stood firm against social and political engineering.  Calling for the removal of the "Metro Vision" from Lone Tree's updated Comprehensive Plan, which was continued from the July 7th Council meeting.  

Monson asserts, "It is not the government's job to dictate the six items listed in DRCOG's 'Metro Vision 2035.'  The items include government 'locating' a huge percentage of new housing and employment within urban centers.  This is something that should happen as a result of demands in the market and the wishes of citizens, not because the government pulls the levers of power and control."  In addition, Metro Vision would require or coerce citizens to use less water and to carpool.

The City Council agreed to remove the reference to DRCOG's "Metro Vision" from Lone Tree's Comprehensive Plan.  With her Eyes on the Process, Monson will continue to watch out for you.